AutoRun Wizard 2.05

AutoRun Wizard 2.05: Utility for quickly and easily creating a professional CD-ROM auto launch. autorun is launched, up to 5 different files to autorun, delay or wait until the files are closed and more. A user friendly icon selector can help you specify which icon to use within the autorun application file. Force your autorun to load within Internet Explorer and also choose to run your autorun in Kiosk mode. You can optionally display a EULA before users can view your autorun. Additionaly, you have the ability to set the CD drive label to

Autorun Inf Editor 1.0: A program that can be used to quickly and easily create autorun.inf files
Autorun Inf Editor 1.0

Autorun.inf Editor is a program that can be used to quickly and easily create autorun CD autorun.inf files. An autorun.inf file is a required file when creating an autorun CD. When a CD is put into the drive, the operating system looks for the autorun.inf file. If the file exists, it reads the file and then knows how to "autoplay" the CD. There are a number of things you can do with an autorun.inf file. The Autorun.inf Editor was created as a free

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AutoRun Pro Create attractive and professional autorun menu for your CD, DVD and USB sticks.
AutoRun Pro

AutoRun Pro is a powerful visual tool to create attractive and professional autorun menu for your CD, DVD and USB sticks in a WYSIWYG environment. One of the features which makes AutoRun Pro so quick and easy to work with is the included library of ready-to-use form templates and object templates. AutoRun Pro can even directly burn your autorun CDs or create ISO CD image files without any need for external CD burning software.

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1st Autorun Express 3.2: Make autorun CD in a few clicks, no design or programming required
1st Autorun Express 3.2

autorun your documents or display an autorun menu in a few simple steps, without the need to study AUTORUN.INF! No design or programming required! You just need to select documents, web pages or presentations to autorun, all the hard stuff will be done for you automatically! In contrast to other autorun solutions, with 1st Autorun Express, you can ensure that your users will be able to read your documents. When your autorun disk starts, 1st Autorun

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Autorun MAX! 2.0

Autorun MAX! makes it a breeze with the handy Publishing Wizard. With just a few clicks you can generate all the files you need to get the job done quickly and correctly. Autorun MAX! can even directly burn your autorun CDs without any need for external CD burning software! The Autorun MAX! Publishing Wizard is clearly laid out and very easy to use, even if you have no prior experience creating your own autorun CDs. We`ve even included templates

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AutorunMagick Studio 3.3: Create powerful autorun CD interactive applications with many options.
AutorunMagick Studio 3.3

Autorun Magick Studio is a powerful development tool to create dynamic and interactive applications for your autorun CD or DVDs. It is the easiest way to create a professional program interface and generate files for autorun CD or DVDs for your friends to intricate business presentations and other multimedia products like software CDs, CD catalogs, CD presentations, CD photo albums and slide-shows. Creation of autorun CD programs with AutorunMagick

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Autorun CD menu tools - AutoRun Pro Autorun CD menu tools for creating autorun CD menu for CD, DVD and USB stick.
Autorun CD menu tools - AutoRun Pro

AutoRun Expert, AutoRun Pro, AutoRun Pro Enterprise and AutoRun Pro Enterprise II are Windows software which let you create a professional user interface (autorun CD menu) for your portable media (CD, DVD, USB stick). The autorun CD menu applications provide buttons, menu bars, pop-up menus and objects for starting your presentations, documents and programs.

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